Best ways to advertise on the Internet

Search engine ads

One of the most frequently used Internet advertising techniques is search engine marketing (SEM), and of course Google outperforms them all.

In fact, the giant tech giant has a way for you to sponsor ads: Google Adwords.

The main advantage of this type of advertising is that you can improve your website’s positioning through paid advertising. In this way, you can use SEM technology, for example, to promote your product, service, or content, such as through Google’s advertising services. Your ads will appear in your relevant search results, making it easier for your users to find you.

This type of ad typically works with pay-per-click (PPC). This means that you only pay for each click in your ad, and there are other ways, but it’s still the most used. Highly personalized, choose the maximum number of clicks to pay for a particular word.

As for the format, only up to 4 lines of text are supported and distributed in the following ways: 25 characters for the title, 70 characters for the text, 35 characters for the URL.

For example, suppose you want to book a hotel in Fiji next month and you search Google for “the best hotel in Fiji”. As you can see in the image below, the search results above have ads and the search results below have organic search results placed by SEO techniques. The latter results show that your business is visible by being placed in the first ranking.

Internet Advertising Google

In terms of their use, search engine ads are most used by advertisers whose primary purpose is to earn web traffic and conversions. This type of ad is to reach users who search for products. Moreover, this is one of the simplest and most efficient advertising methods.

Advertising on social networks
It would be ridiculous to overlook the power of social networks to help you achieve a successful business. And not only is it effective in your digital marketing strategy, but advertising on social networks is gaining more and more followers thanks to its effectiveness.

In fact, most social networks offer the potential to create ads on the platform, whether you’re promoting a message or content, or creating a particular ad. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are just a few of them.

In addition, you can segment your target public so you can select a group of people you are trying to reach. Not only this, promotional messages give you more options to reach more people, be placed higher, and get successful results.

If you want to maximize your presence on social networks, directing traffic to known social profiles and websites is a good option for you.


Banners are probably the most well-known form of online advertising, often because banners were the first ads to appear on the Internet.

They consist of strategically placing ads of various formats, sizes, and designs within a web page. Users who click on the ad will be taken to the selected site. But the problem is that today we are so saturated with advertising that we pay little attention to it. Therefore, if you want to advertise online, you should first consider other options such as Google AdWords and advertising on social networks.

For example, if you’re reading a news article in an online newspaper, say


Joking aside, I’m pretty sure I closed dozens of pop-up ads while using the internet (probably much more). This is the standard for online advertising and is very annoying.

These are windows that pop up and take you to a website that is different from what you are looking at. A few years ago this method was very efficient, but today it is getting bigger and bigger on the Internet.

Well, this has nothing to do with the ever-popular online marketing resources. Insert a pop-up on your website that prompts users to subscribe, subscribe, or simply enter an email to receive completely free information.

As easy as this can help you get prospects, grow your database, and get better results.