Facebook for Local Businesses

Today, Facebook is essential to reach viewers online. So what are the best practices for spreading your small business and increasing your sales? The answer is to apply a concrete, proven and effective Facebook strategy to your local business.

That’s what I’ll talk about in this blog post! Today, we share with you four unmistakable practices for the success of your business in your city with social networks. To get the most out of these tips, don’t forget to take notes and share this post with your team.

According to global internet statistics, Facebook has a penetration rate of 57.3% in Latin America, 41.7% in Europe and 72.4% in North America. These data only confirm that the majority of your target audience and the average consumer are using this social network.

That’s why your business must be there! However, creating and publishing a Facebook page is not enough to reach your audience and increase sales. That’s why we share with you four practices that allow you to effectively spread your business in your city.

Promote a post

Promote a post about your business, spread it to your city, know its effective reach and get data from your audience
The idea is to create and promote posts through Facebook Advertising services to let people know that your business is on Facebook and why people follow you on that platform. Why do you recommend this? Let’s take a look at the benefits of advertising on Facebook.

Facebook promotions for local businesses are optimized to reach as many people as possible. It provides sophisticated targeting tools that allow you to specifically define who your ad will see. When you activate a promotion, you can get detailed stats to see how many people have reached in your promotion message. Currently, when promoting on Facebook, it’s a good idea to create a post that contains the content you want to spread (for example, a promotion about a particular product or business event). Another possibility is to select an existing publication on the fan page that contains the information you want to spread.

Place yourself in the publication you want to spread on Facebook and press the “Boost Posts” button.

Target Viewers

Select age group, place of origin, and interests to apply as a filter (eg “Pets and Animals”). Then review the other options shown in the image below, depending on the specific purpose of your business.

Determine the budget

Determine the maximum budget you want to allocate to your promotion and choose how many days you want to stay active (it’s a good idea to set a deadline, as shown below). Then select the type of currency you want to pay and press “Boost” to continue.
Facebook-ads-campaing Budget and Duration Note: If you don’t have an associated payment method, you’ll need to add one. Select a country and decide whether to pay by credit card, PayPal, online banking, or cash.

At the end of the promotion, you’ll have access to information that will help you learn more about your audience and the effective reach of commercial proposals in defined segments (such as 20-65 people). Years old belonging to your city).

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